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Internet of Things(IOT)


The Internet of Things is the concept of everyday objects – from industrial machines to wearable devices – using built-in sensors to gather data and take action on that data across a network. So it’s a building that uses sensors to automatically adjust heating and lighting. Simply put, the Internet of Things is the future of technology that can make our lives more efficient.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is aimed at enabling the interconnection and integration of the physical world and the cyber space. It represents the trend of future networking, and leads the third wave of the IT industry revolution.


Machines learn
Businesses have traditionally had limited insight into what happens in the field: in customers’ homes/offices, at distributors, in stores, in transit, on shop floors. By capturing continuous data from sensors in the field, meaningful insights can be derived.From products to platforms IoT creates new platform opportunities for the innovators ready to build them.
Humans are relying less on physical resources and instead working smarter.

Salient Features:

Together algorithms and compute (i.e. software & hardware) provide the “intelligent spark” that makes a product experience smart.
Connectivity in the IoT is more than slapping on a WiFi module and calling it a day. Connectivity enables network accessibility and compatibility
Sensing technologies provide us with the means to create experiences that reflect a true awareness of the physical world and the people in it. This is simply the analog input from the physical world, but it can provide rich understanding of our complex world.
Expressing enables interactivity with people and the physical world.
As we gain efficiencies, novel experiences, and other benefits from the IoT, we must not forget about safety. As both the creators and recipients of the IoT, we must design for safety. This includes the safety of our personal data and the safety of our physical well-being.
Device Virtualization
Standardize integration of devices with the enterprise
High-Speed Messaging
Enable reliable, secure, and bi-directional communication between devices and the cloud
Endpoint Management
Manage all your device endpoint identity, metadata, and lifecycle states
Stream Processing
Real-time analysis of incoming data streams with event aggregation, filtering, and correlation
Data Enrichment
Enrich raw data streams with contextual information and generate composite streams


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