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R & D Activites

Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology – R & D with its vision of being a social partner for the development of nation through its contribution towards fundamental research to innovative newer technology in research and development activities. The R & D team of Sri Sairam is committed to excellence in the area of research. The dedicated research team adds its strength and spreads its roots over diverse areas like Manufacturing, Energy, Nuclear Engineering, CAD/CAM, Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Electronics and Communication, Fibre Optics, Computer science, Robotics , Artificial intelligence and Instrumentation. By knowing the need of research in multi-form and demand in emerging fields, the key ultra-tech disciplines of the future are focussed on with thought provoking spirit.


The research centre envisions to reach the sustainable goals of the nation through different strategies in technical education. Also, we are committed to vitalize the student’s research knowledge with best practices to cope up with the changing post – modern and globalized world. To become the most eminent institutions across the nation with utmost determination in the field of research.


  • To create a conducive research ambience that drives innovation and practices.
  • To enhance the skills of the researchers as well to expose the research-oriented scholars and outstanding professionals towards advancement in research.
  • To collaborate with other academic & research institutes as well as industries in order to strengthen education and multidisciplinary research.
  • To promote equitable and harmonious growth of students, academicians, staff, society and industries, thereby becoming a centre of excellence in technical education.
  • To practice and encourage high standards of professional ethics, transparency and accountability.
  • To enrich researcher’s abilities to get new grants for innovation through creative ideas.
  • To support interdisciplinary research through research and scholarship in order to produce leading creators, innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs.
  • To achieve excellence in application-oriented research in selected areas of technology with a view to contribute for the development of the region and the nation.

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