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Infrastructure facilities

1Administrative Block1800 Sq.ft.
2Principal Office450 sq.ft.
3Faculty Room18500 sqft.
4Students Common Room- Boys1000 sq.ft.
5Students Common Room- Girls1000 sq.ft.
6Canteen ( Students & Staff)4500 sq.ft.
7Canteen ( Hostellers)5500 sq.ft.
8Auditorium225363 sq.ft
9Internet Facilities155 Mbps with wifi facilities
10Medical Facilities900 sq.ft. room with patients first aid facilities.
11Transport160 buses covering all areas of Chennai City and 60 kilometers surrounding Chennai.
a) No.of Routes covered139
b) No.of Boarding points699
13Examination Cell900 sq.ft.
14IQAC Room900 sq.ft.
15Board Room450 sq,ft,
16Central Store Room900 sq.ft.
17Internet Centre450 sqft,
18Dept.Office450 sqft x8 =3600 sqft.
19Drawing Hall5400 sqft.
20Guest House7052 sq.ft.
21Language Lab1450 sqft,
22Multi purpose Hall900 sq.ft.
23Placement Cell & Career Counselling3500 sq.ft.
24Reception area900 sq.ft.
25Seminar Hall7 halls totally measuring 8546 sq.ft.
26Stationary store600 sq.ft.
27Student Activity /GCR450 sq.ft.
28Yoga CentreAvailable . 900 sq.ft.
29Health Care centre900 sqft.
30Anti-Ragging CellAvailable . 450 sq.ft.
31Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cells (POSH) cellAvailable -450 sq.ft.
32Women Empowerment cellAvailable -450 sq.ft.
33Waste Management SystemSolid Waste management system followed.
34Department of Student Affairs( Grievance Redressal Cell)450 sq.ft.
35Incubation Centre450 sq.ft.
36Skill Development Centre450 sqft
37Media Centre450 sq.ft.
38Prayer Hall450 sq.ft.
39Innovation Centre600 sqft
40SC/ST Cell450 sq.ft.
41OBC/ Minority Cell450 sq.ft.
42Student Counselling Room450 sqf.t.
43Alumini Cell450 sqft
44EDC Cell450 sqft
45IEDC Cell750 sq.ft.
46Rain Water HarvestingImplemented in 14 points through out the college building.
47Review of alternative energy initiativesPower supply: Transformer: 250 kVA/ Generator 250 kVA
48RO plantAvailable 20000 litres per day out put daily.
49Solar PanelTotally 250 Kilo Watts.
50CCTV CameraAvailable
51Photo copy facilitiesAvailable 3 machines
52Total number of trees planted in our campus is around2000 trees.


Area 91008 sq.ft.


  • Food Ball Ground 2 Nos, Cricket
  • Ground 2 Nos, Ball Badminton 2 Nos,
  • Cricket Nets 2 Nos, Hockey Field 1 No,
  • Hand Ball 4 Nos, Standard 400 Metre
  • Track and field, Volley Ball Court 2 Nos,
  • Basket Ball Court 2 Nos, Kabaddi court 2 Nos,
  • Tennis Court 1 No.


  • Table Tennis Board 6 Nos, Chess 10 Nos.
  • Carom – 4 Nos., Badminton Court – 4 Nos.

1 Multi Gym AvailableEquipments

  • Weight plates iron Green Colour – 250Kg in Different Weight
  • Weight Plates – silver – 80Kg
  • Weight Plates – Rubber Molded – 184Kg
  • Dumbbells – Iron Green Colour – 36Kg
  • Dumbbells – Rubber Molded – 15Kg
  • Dumbbells – silver – 25Kg
  • Dumbbells – silver Bar(Rod)1Feet – 4 Nos
  • Silver Bar (Rod) to Weight plates – 5 Nos
  • Silver Bar(Rod) to weight plates – 2 Nos
  • Exercise Medicine Ball – 2 Nos
  • Karala Wood – 2 Nos
  • Exercise Cycle – 1 No
  • Squard stand with flat Bench – 1 No
  • Tread Mill – 2 Nos
  • Epilating Machine – 1 No
  • Exercise Cycle – 2 Nos
  • Dumbbells Stand(iron) – 1 No
  • Leg Press – 2 Nos
  • Shoulder Curl – 3 Nos
  • Abdomen Machine – 1 No
  • Cable Cross Over Arm Curl – 2 Nos
  • Multi Station – 2 Nos
  • Smith Machine – 1 No
  • Wrist Curl – 1 No
  • Standing Twister – 1 No

Maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities:

Class Rooms/Laboratory

The physical facilities such as Laboratories, Classrooms, Library and Sports Complex are maintained by House Keeping under the supervision of Non-teaching Staff / Floor Supervisors. Utilization of the classrooms is facilitated to the students in working days and it is also made available to the other governmental / non-governmental organizations for conducting exams in Vacations and Leave time. The masonry and plumbing works are carried out with local skilled persons and the expenditure is incurred from Maintenance. Lab equipment are serviced by manufacturers and service personnel during summer / winter vacations. Stock registers are maintained regularly.


House Keeping

  1. Checking wateravailability in Toiletsevery hour
  2. Checking Drinking wateravailability every day
  3. Cleaning ClassRooms, Labs,Veranda, OfficeRoom, Staff Rooms
  4. Cleaning of Toiletsevery day
  5. Cleaning the campusevery week
  6. Checking Furnitures in ClassRooms and Officeevery month
  7. Checking Building cracksthroughout thecampus
  8. Checking Electrical,Plumbing, Waterline and Sewerageline every month



The college has an adequate computer with high speed internet connections and software’s, distributed in different locales like departments laboratories, library and office. Computers are maintained by internal Staffs. Each laboratory has an assistant, who ensures proper usage of the computers and hazardous equipment’s are handled with care.



The working hours of the library is from 8.30 a.m to 6.00 p.m on working days and from 8.30 a.m to 4.00 p.m. on holidays. Maintenance activities are made periodically to keep library clean. The activities like fumigation, preservation of books from insects, dusts and shelving of reading materials promptly on regular basis by the housekeeping /Library Staff.


Training Classes

Special Training by experts for competitive examination such as GRE, TOEFL, GATE and Placement Training to students for competitive exams and to motivate them for debates/ group discussion for placement.


Sports Complex/ Activities

Through best practices, the students outshine in the field of sports. Excellent infrastructure is provided for sports with 400-meter running track and Synthetic Courts for indoor sports activities. The play field are maintained by markers and the field equipment like post, umpire stand, score boards are also maintained regularly. The college uses laborers on daily wages to keep the play field clean and condition during the tournaments and sports day celebrations. The markers control the play equipment like ball, bat, net etc., provided to the students and to collect it back safely and register them in the Equipment movement register


Power Supply and Electrical Maintenance

Power supply is maintained by regular staffs through proper system captive gen-sets as backup for 24hours. A Kirloskar-Make power generator (250-KVA) is installed in the campus to handle the occasional power shut down, is under AMC by M/S Network Diesels, authorized Dealer of Kirloskar.


Environmental Consciousness and Sustainability (10)

“7.1.3 Alternate Energy initiatives such as:
Percentage of annual power requirement of the Institution met by the renewable energy sources (1)”

Power requirement met by renewable energy sourcesTotal power requirementRenewable energy sourceRenewable energy generated and usedEnergy supplied to the grid
64800 kW388692 kWSolar64800 kWNil

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Garden Maintenance

Tree plantation and garden maintenance are done by the gardener appointed by the institute. NSS, NCC, YRC maintain certain areas of the college clean and for planting trees, certain areas are allotted for departments to maintain the campus clean and green.    


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