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Technically getting equipped with basic programming languages is a cardinal requisite for engineering students irrespective of their discipline. Taking a step towards it, our management has initiated a special technical training program to make the students more successful and to improve their technical skills for placement. Tutorials and programming practice is encompassed in the skill development program. Students shall login and learn from the tutorial and shall attend the practice tests at home/college. Each class is assigned a faculty in-charge. Students can clarify their doubts with the allotted faculty after attempting the tutorial online. Each student’s performance will be monitored every week. Finally, a common test will be conducted for all the students at the end of the course.


The main objective of this program is to strengthen the technical knowledge of the students. This training ensures that students attain the scope of career in both their core and in IT industry. The session starts from the very first year of their curriculum and exists until their PLACEMENTS in the final year.
1. Includes Python, Java and C Tutorials and related programming lab practice problems.
2. In addition to the languages within curriculum, the newer batch gets to learn additional language – Python, which happens to be growing and on-demand in the market.
3. Timed programming tests, so as to serve as a mock test for the actual placement process.
4. Related analytics and Metrics for Training and Placement by department as well as associated faculties.
5. Students will get individual performance reports.


  • Knowledge in many programming languages from their basics
  • The fundamental concepts of the language gets stronger
  • Performance evaluation for each student at the end of the session
  • Course completion Certificate will be provided after each course
  • Students will be well-trained in core concepts and will be ready to face the interview by the time they reach their final year


The salient feature of the training module includes:

  • Online portal helps practice anytime
  • Separate login for each student
  • Training in many programming languages
  • Test cases that match real time problems
  • Training based on core concept
  • Performance evaluation at the end of each session
  • Course certificate catered


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