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Sri Sairam Institute of Technology has joined the campaign on implementing National innovation and start-up policy (NISP) under the aegis of the Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MIC) and adopted the policy framed by MIC. The policy aims at promoting innovation and start-up culture among the students and faculty of Higher education institutes. A copy of the NISP document is attached below


To promote and participate in innovation and entrepreneurship which will empower every individual within the institution and which in turn will propel our country to emerge as a robust economy.


To encourage students and the faculty to work on new ideas and convert them into successful enterprises by promoting initiatives like Boot up camps, competitions and workshops on capacity building.

1SSIT Strategies & Governance for Promoting Innovation & Entrepreneurship
2Creating Innovation Pipeline and Pathways for Entrepreneurs
3Building Organizational Capacity, Human Resources and Incentives
4Collaboration Co-creation and Business Relationship and Knowledge Exchange
5Norms for Faculty & Students Driven Innovations and Startups
6Incentivizing Faculty & Students for Entrepreneurship
7Norms for Faculty Start-up
8Incubation & Pre-Incubation support
9IP Ownership Rights for Technologies Developed at SSIT
10Pedagogy & Learning Interventions for Supporting Innovations & Start-ups
11Entrepreneurial Performance Impact Assessment

Short Term Objectives

  • To promote creative, novel and innovative thinking among the community of students and the faculty.
  • To assist student groups to prototype of their innovative ideas.
  • To offer an improved incubation facility this facilitates better entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • To nurture entrepreneurial culture by organizing a large number of relevant FDPs, STTPs, seminars and workshops.
  • To reinforce the institution-industry interactions and to channel its outcome towards achieving the mission.

Long Term Objectives

  • To spread awareness among the students and the faculty on research and IPR activities
  • To extend a dedicated support to Indian based start-ups developing innovative technology solutions for serving the basic needs of our society.
  • To associate with the government bodies like DST, CII, TNASC, MSME and other academic institutions for transferring world class facility tot the stakeholders of SSIT.
  • To encourage the stakeholders of SSIT to work on innovative projects based on commercial products that will serve the needs of our country.
  • To provide a platform for young students to develop products with global recognition that can generate business opportunities.
  • To encourage start-up initiatives by providing opportunities to explore more into consultancy activities.
S. No.NameDesignationEmail id
1Dr. K. PalanikumarPrincipal & IIC President /
Sri Sairam Institute Of Technology
2Mr.K.Naresh RajDirector -
Sairam Techno incubators Foundation/ Sri Sairam Institute Of Technology
3Mr. BAS. NarayananThe Branch Manager,
City Union Bank, Poonthandalam,
West Tambaram.
4Mr.A.SampathAlumni/Managing Director P.N Foundation
5Dr. S. RajarajanProfessor & Dean Academics/
6Dr.C.R.Rene robinProfessor & Dean Innovation/ Sairam
7Dr.G.ShanmugasundarAssociate Professor & IIC SRI & Convener/SSIT & Founder Saishiv techrise
8Dr. Gokulakrishnan. DAssociate Professor & NISP
9Dr. M. MareeswaranFaculty Enterpreneur & Founder ,Revo Technologies,

NISP document of Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell, Tamilnadu Startup & Innovation policy and SAIRAM INNOVATION STARTUP POLICY (SISP) Sri Sairam Institute of Technology


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