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Empowering Choices: Highlights from the Comprehensive Career Guidance Program

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The “What Next” Mega Career Guidance Program, an initiative by LMES and presented by Pick My Career with the support of SAIRAM Institutions, was conducted by Chennai on May 1, 2024, held at the Shri LEO MUTHU indoor stadium. This mega event was part of a series across Tamil Nadu to raise awareness among students and parents regarding various career paths in post-school education.
The program’s main goal was to equip students to identify and choose the most suitable courses and career paths based on their strengths. The event witnessed a vibrant response from high and higher secondary school students and parents, with a substantial turnout of over 3000 students and 2000 parents.

Distinguished career guidance experts and motivational speakers shared invaluable insights and suggestions during the event, aiding attendees in planning their educational journey after completing higher secondary school education.
During the event, guidance from career experts and motivational speakers was provided. Various fields such as Engineering, Medicine, Chartered Accountancy, Arts and Science, and Media were covered. Speakers included Mr. M. Arun Prakash, Founder & CEO of GUVI; Mr. A. Nanda Kumar, Entrepreneur from A2D Channel; Mr. R. Ashok Kumar, Career Consultant; Mrs. Bharathi Bhaskar, Motivational Speaker; and Mr. S. Premanand, Founder of LMES Academy. Engineering aspirants received detailed insights into the JEE examination, while medical aspirants gained a further understanding of the NEET exam.


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