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Autodesk Design Academy

The centre of excellence in Autodesk Design Academy (CEADA) provides the oppertunity to student to extend their knowledge to caters the industry needs. The centre is established in the year 2018. Using this centre the students are given advanced training to get equipped with modern and latest needs. CEADA provides “Concept to Product Design”solution to automotive & Industrial Domains. Activities include Design Engineering & Modeling, Computer Aided Engineering, Analysis & Testing

CEADA gives conceptual design, engineering, and manufacturing departments the ability to virtually explore a complete product before it becomes real.

CEADA provides hands on experience on how modern technologies improve the product development cycle. Today’s product design and manufacturing companies are faced with increased

competition and growing market demands. To ensure the companies and products are successful digital prototyping methods are used to gain an advantage and produce better products. The following aspects are considered for the product development.

Design: Integrate all design data into a single digital model, streamlining the design process and increasing communication.

Visualize: Create a virtual representation of the final product to review design intent, secure early customer validation, and market products before they’re built.

Simulate: Digitally simulate the real-world performance of your product, saving the time and money required to build multiple physical prototypes.

CEADA provide 40 hours course to students. The course will focus on the different stages of the product development cycle with a consistent orkshop projects used throughout. The course starts with the ideation initial phase of development and concludes with producing technical publications of the product for marketing and support. Each segment of the course will contain lectures that illustrate the market demands and relationships of the product development cycle.


Course Modules

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Autodesk Inventor User Interface
  • View Manipulation
  • Designing Parametric Parts

Module 2: Basic Sketching Techniques

  • Creating 2D Sketches
  • Geometric Constraints
  • Dimensioning Sketches

Module 3: Basic Shape Design

  • Creating Basic Sketched Features
  • 3D Grip Editing
  • Creating Basic Swept Shapes

Module 4: Detailed Shape Design

  • Creating Chamfers and Fillets
  • Creating Holes and Threads
  • Creating Thin-Walled Parts

Module 5: Assembly Design Overview

  • Designing Assemblies
  • Using Project Files in Assembly Designs
  • Module 6: Placing, Creating, and Constraining Components
  • Placing Components in an Assembly
  • Constraining Components
  • Basic Part Design in an Assembly

Module 7: Interacting with an Assembly

  • Identifying Parts in an Assembly
  • Analysis and Motion Tools
  • Presenting Your Assembly

Module 8: Basic View Creation

  • Drawing Creation Environment
  • Base and Projected Views
  • Managing Views

Module 9: Dimensions, Annotations, and Tables

  • Automated Dimensioning Techniques
  • Annotating Holes and Threads
  • Creating Centerlines, Symbols, and Leaders

Module 10: Annotating Assembly Drawings

  • Assembly-Centric Bill of Materials
  • Creating and Customizing Parts Lists

Module 11: Drawing Standards and Resources

  • Setting Drawing Standards
  • Drawing Resources
  • Two days Workshop Conducted title of “Future Of Making Things” By Autodesk Associated With ICTACT on 15,16 Nov 2017 for III year
  • Two days Workshop Conducted title of “Future Of Making Things” By Autodesk Associated With ICTACT on 22, 23 Nov 2017 for IV year
  • Two days Workshop Conducted title of “Future Of Making Things” By Autodesk Associated With ICTACT on 27, 28 Nov 2017 for II year
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering inaugurated “CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE AUTODESK DESIGN ACADEMY” at smart class room on 28.02.2018.
  • Department Of Mechanical Engineering In Association With ICT Academy And Autodesk Organized Five Days Fdp On “Autodesk Inventor” From 04.06.2018 To 08.06.2018


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