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Project Exhibition winners video

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Systematic Desensitization Virtual Reality Therapy by Vignesh.S, Saikarthick.K, Rahul Swaminathan.G and guided by Mr. Gnana Prakash.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Corrosion of Hybrid Steel Using Accelerated Corrosion Methods by S.A Mohamed Sadiq Ali, M. Narayanan, R. Praveen, D. Santhosh and guided by Mr. Sivarama Kishnan

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – A Study on Carbon Sequestration Using Azolla And Nostoc by B. Bahayashri Lakshimi, K.R. Dhaarnigha, N. Rajeswari, S.M. Sivaharini and guided by Mr. G. Dilip Kumar.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Geo-Polymer Concrete Paver Block by A. Balakrishnan, S. Dinesh, K. Karthikeyan, G. Deenan and guided By Mr. M. Murugan.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Effort Reducing Exo-Arm Using Electric Actuator by Kishore N, Anissh Khaan I, Tanush H. Bhaskar, Vetriganesh S. A and guided by Mr. Shanmuga Sundar.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Embedded Controlled Hi-Tech Shopping System with Gauging and Scanning Applications by J.Aishvarya, R.Anusha, Umashree Rajamithran, R.Vedhavidhya and guided by Mrs. A. Anitha.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Self Driving Cars Using Convolutional Neural Networks by V. Aravind, V. Akash Kishan, Kedharnath Reddy, M. Paranthaman guided by P. Kavitha.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Combine Data Analysis Using Soil Fertility and Climate by P.Akshara,A.Asha,K.S.Vaishal, D.Devika and guided by K. Sathyabama.

Low Cost Automatic On/Off Photo-Voltaic Pump Using Advanced Analog Circuit Based Mppt Technique Along With Current-Fed-Multiresonant-Converter

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Design and Modelling of a 5PHASE IM to Improve the Energy Output and Torque in Wind Energy Generation by R.Krishna Kumar, M.Navaneeth, R.Shachin Shibi and guided by Mrs. E. Maheswari.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Design, Modeling and Analysis of Whiplash Protection System by Thamizhmaran E, Rhavendhor S, Abhijeeth B, Solomon Jaisingh S and guided by Dr. T. Srinivasan.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Sustainable Green Machining Using Minimum Quantity Lubrication by Lakshmi Narasimhan J,Rajakumaran V Ram Mukilan C,Suriya T V and guided by Dr. K. Palani Kumar.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Road Safety and Violation Control Using Sensors by Vignesh.T.R,Pravin Kumar,Sivamoorthy and guided by Dr. P. Saravanan.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Personal Emergency Response System for a Cloud Based Data Sharing by Lokeshwari.U, Saraswathi.B, Vindhya.T and guided by Dr. Brindha Devi.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Wearable Textile Patch Antenna with Co-Planar Waveguide Feed by Nisha. M,Sai Shweta .S and guided Dr. G. Thamarai Selvi.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Raspberry Pi Based Advanced Communication During Diasters by Aishwarya .S,Keerthana.S,Sandhya. B. R and guided by Dr. Su. Suganthi.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – IOT Based Air Pollution Assessment System by Ahil .V.P, Manoj Reddy. K. M,Vignesh .K and guided by Dr. S. Rajarajan.

Sairam Project Expo 2018 – Mind Controlled Gaming for the Differently Abled by H. Akshay,S. Athreya,P. Navneeth,M. Nirmalraj and guided by B. Sreedevi.

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