M.E., Ph.D., P.D.T.D., F.I.E., F.I.I.P.E., M.I.S.N.D.T., M.I.S.T.E.,
Professor and Principal

In today’s competitive world, it is extremely important to build new hopes everyday and strive for the best in life. Every student of Sri Sairam Institute of Technology should endeavor to lend a glimpse to the road ahead which has immense opportunities to explore and outshine in life.

It is all about acquiring personal and organizational skills and competencies; develop capability to adapt to diverse disciplines and hard work, and various kinds of organizational and institutional set-ups. There are six steps to excel in life: inspiration, aspiration, perspiration, self examination, renunciation and finally illumination.

Practical lessons and the effective tutorial support and Good links with industry that help improve their employment prospects. Learning is a never-ending process. It requires absolute involvement and complete commitment from both – the teacher & the taught. SSIT aims at Providing high teaching standards, excellent facilities and support services, quality education, professional training and best career opportunities.

We continuously strive to create a community of learning. The investment of time and energy at SSIT are worth lifetime achievements. The opportunities at our campus will provide for students to fare best in studies, achieve greater heights and make a legacy in life.

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