Sri. J. Sai Prakash – CEO / Managing Trustee

“A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops”
“It is the “Team effort”, which makes an Institute work, a nation grow and a Civilization succeed.”
Our College has grown in stature and strength today, and has become one of the finest educational institutions dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

To respond effectively and creatively to the crying needs of today’s society we focus on an educational program which revolves around equipping our students with such qualities of head and heart that they confidently plunge into any field of activity which is socially USEFUL, intellectually ELEVATING and spiritually ENNOBLING.

In a world where everything is measured by the yardstick of success, we train our students to think logically, systematically and analytically, so that having faced the emerging economic, social, political and cultural changes arising from globalization, they may move towards their goals with focused VISION. Providing excellent teaching in good facilities is our main priority.

With great advancements in all spheres of life, producing highly qualified professionals has become the need of the hour. Technical education promises excellent results to the society. The manpower needed to run the industries, R&D institutions and services sector invariably come from the institutions of higher technical education.

We are proud to provide the student community with Knowledgeable and helpful teachers, Practical lessons and the effective tutorial support and Good links with industry that help improve their employment prospects. Learning is a never-ending process. It requires absolute involvement and complete commitment from both – the teacher & the taught.

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