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Centre For Firewall Installation & Maintenance (Palo Alto Networks)


The main objective is to teach students to prevent cyber attacks and safely enable applications using the next-generation Palo Alto Networks® firewall. The various modules in this training are:
Mod 1: Platforms and Architecture

  • Single-Pass Architecture
  • Flow Logic

Mod 2: Initial Configuration

  • Initial Access to the System
  • Configuration Management
  • Licensing and Software Updates
  • Account Administration

Mod 3: Basic Interface Configuration

  • Security Zones
  • Layer 2, Layer 3, Virtual Wire, and Tap
  • Sub interfaces
  • DHCP
  • Virtual Routers

Mod 4: Security and NAT Policies

  • Security Policy Configuration
  • Policy Administration
  • NAT (source and destination)

Mod 5: Basic App-ID™

  • App-ID Overview
  • Application Groups and Filters

Mod 6: Basic Content-ID™

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-spyware
  • Vulnerability
  • URL Filtering

Mod 7: File Blocking and WildFire™

  • File Blocking
  • WildFire

Mod 8: Decryption

  • Certificate Management
  • Outbound SSL Decryption
  • Inbound SSL Decryption

Mod 9: Basic User-ID™

  • Enumerating Users
  • Mapping Users to IP Addresses
  • User-ID Agent

Mod 10: Site-to-Site VPNs

  • IPSec Tunnels

Mod 11: Management and Reporting

  • Dashboard
  • Basic Logging
  • Basic Reports
  • Panorama

Mod 12: Active/Passive High Availability

  • Configuring Active/Passive HA
  • Course format: Narrated courseware with knowledge check questions

Course Objectives

Students will learn how to install, configure, and manage their Palo Alto Networks firewall. They will learn to use the security, networking, threat prevention, logging, and reporting features of the PAN-OS® operating system.


The Firewall 7.1: Install, Configure, and Manage e-Learning course helps you prepare for the Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) exam.
FDP on “Firewall Installation Configuration and Management” by Mr.Saravanan Rajagopal from Palo Alto Networks, Singapore.


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